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Business Climate

Because you are known by the company you keep (and for cities, by the companies they keep), be assured that Jacksonville has a great reputation!  Its small-town atmosphere is enhanced by the big-business attitude of its industry.  And Jacksonville is recognized for its technologically advanced, industry leading employers.

Diversity of skills, services and an experienced workforce have proven that Jacksonville is the optimum environment for manufacturers, where an incredible variety of value-added products roll off the lines every day.  From medical and surgical supplies, custom molded electric signs and lithographic plates, to plastics and injection molds, air conditioning, coils and brass plated products, the list continues to grow.  These Jacksonville businesses succeed in part because of a commitment to total quality by every employee.

East Texans’ historically strong work ethic and their desire to “be the best,” have helped local companies to post record production levels in recent years.  At the same time, wages and benefits have remained stable in the area, helping businesses better plan for future growth.