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Operation Facelift

The Jacksonville Development Corporation has established the Façade Improvement Grant Program (FIGP), which will provide technical and financial assistance to property owners or business tenants seeking to renovate or restore their exterior signage, lighting or commercial building facades. The FIGP is designed to impact properties in need of revitalization, resulting in the improved exterior, visibility and presentation of a    business. The FIGP is not designed to subsidize corrections to building code violations that prolong the life of a commercial property.

FIGP will provide a fifty percent (50%) matching grant not exceeding $2500.00 for the funding of well-designed improvements which will coordinate all the important features of the storefront into a more attractive image while creating, if necessary, an accessible entrance for the public. This may include the restoration of architectural details, better windows and doors, and well-proportioned signage and lighting. Applicants will be          responsible for hiring licensed architects and contractors to refine their conceptual design depending on the scope of work.

Download Facade Improvements Grant Program guidelines and application.